Forge Shop

Game features:
Welcome to Forge Shop, It has been six months since the zombie apocalypse began. As a survivor, you have the opportunity to build your very own blacksmith shop where you can craft and sell a wide array of equipment. Your skills as a blacksmith will be vital for survival, so get ready to thrive in this chaotic world!
Build Your Forge Shop
Start by constructing your forge shop from the ground up. Upgrade and expand it to accommodate more workstations, research stations, and storage space for precious resources. The better your shop, the more advanced equipment you can create!
Craft and Sell Various Equipment
Use your blacksmithing skills to craft all sorts of essential gear, weapons, and armor. From basic tools to powerful weapons, your creations will be crucial for adventurers in their fight against the undead. Price your items strategically to maximize your profits!
Research New Equipment
Stay ahead of the competition by researching and developing cutting-edge equipment. Unlock blueprints and discover new designs to create even more powerful gear. Your innovation and expertise will attract adventurers seeking the best equipment to survive the zombie-infested city.
Haggle with Adventurers
Interact with wandering adventurers and negotiate prices for your equipment. Persuade them to pay more for your top-notch items, or offer discounts to build customer loyalty. Clever haggling will earn you better profits and a reputation as a skilled blacksmith.
Recruit Adventurers and Heroes
Assemble a team of brave adventurers and heroes to explore the zombie-infested city. Send them on dangerous quests to collect rare resources needed for crafting advanced equipment. The better your team, the more valuable resources they can bring back to your forge.
Trade and Interact with Other Players
Forge Shop is not just about surviving alone; it's also about collaboration! Interact with other players, join guilds, and trade equipment with fellow blacksmiths. Team up with others to fend off zombie hordes and share resources for mutual benefit.
It's time to sharpen your skills, face the zombie, and make a name for yourself as the most renowned blacksmith in the zombie apocalypse. Forge your destiny, create legendary equipment, and become a beacon of hope for all survivors in Forge Shop!

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